• This stuff is AMAZING!!!! You can tell it is made with 'serious love.' My skin has never felt better. I love it! So thankful to have found Mac smack!

    Kasey Buckland

  • Just mildly obsessed with Mac's Smack Maven tinted lip balm. I never wear lipstick because even the most moisturizing ones have felt drying to me. But this. This stuff is awesome. 14 natural ingredients. And locally made in Hanover. RVA girls, you need to try this

    Ashley Cristman

  • Not only are the products top notch, but the customer service is beyond amazing! I can’t give enough stars! My favorites are the Vegan Soother for my lips and the Your Best Skin Body Butter, but really everything she makes is phenomenal! You will not be disappointed! 

    Jill Keeler

  • I nearly had a panic attack this morning, rushing to get 3 of my 4 kiddos out the door for our morning walk to school (with temps in the teens!). When I went to grab my "Ultimate Fix" to lather on their (our) lips and noses to prevent them from getting chapped, I realized I was OUT! As soon as I got the kids to school, I rushed over to Whole Foods to stock up on more. The stuff works like magic...on just about any skin irritation. Cannot say enough about Mac's Smack products! LOVE!

    Stuart Fisher

  • Mac's Smack is the best thing I have ever used for my lips and skin!! I am fully addicted and won't make a move around the globe without it! Ultimate Fix is literally saving me all the time. Thank you Mac's smack!

    Eva Mat

  • I can't live without my smack! I have always used lip balm but never found a brand I love as much as this. My lips have not been chapped since I discovered it. I'm also a supper big fan of the fix. I love the scents and I love the all organic ingredient list. Only thing I hate is when I run out. Vegan soother is my favorite balm.

    Mary Leffler

  • Mighty Mint keeps me protected all winter in all conditions! I never go snowboarding without it.

    Darren Brown

  • The Ultimate Fix is my favorite! It serves many uses but I love to use it to tame flyaway hairs 

    Beth Farmer

  • Big fan of all products. I especially love the vegan soother and the intense healing on my lips. Highly recommend Mac Smack!

    Casey Smith

  • I cannot imagine using any other body care products for myself and my family, including my children with extremely sensitive skin. I am obsessed with Your Best Skin and never leave home without a tube or two of Smack and the Ultimate Fix! If you care about taking care of your skin and love natural products, this is it.

    Jessica Cooley

  • I am not one to publicly endorse products but I feel I must. A few months ago I saw one of my gorgeous (non makeup wearing friends) and commented on her beautiful healthy skin. She immediately told me she'd been using Mac's Smack face products...What?! I've used the chapstick for years and loved it but didn't know there were face products! I've been using RF for the last two years and had recently stopped. I started using the flower power, transcend serum and clarifying nectar and my skin has never looked this clear and healthy!

    Maria Tribble

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