Our eco-friendly company is dedicated to using sustainable business practices that promote a healthier environment and reduces our carbon footprint on the planet. We reduce, reuse, repair and recycle in our business and personal lives. We feel strongly that in living by this mantra we can not only reduce waste but also enrich lives


Responsible Packaging 

We use 100% renewable and/or recyclable materials in our packaging, shipping and office materials. We also recycle packaging that we receive from our vendors. Most of our tubes come from post consumer recycled plastics. We believe less is more. There are no extra boxes or excessive packaging to avoid the unnecessary impact on our environment.

Responsible Sourcing 

We use sustainably harvested and renewable raw materials for our products. We source our materials as locally as possible. Some of our beeswax and some of our botanical extracts are obtained from local Virginia farms. We’d like to say every single material we use is sourced directly from the United States but that is just not the case. Some of the most exquisite ingredients can only be found outside of the USA where the plants are indigenous and found naturally in the wild. With some of our ingredients sourced from foreign soil, we are committed to providing ingredients that are safe, effective and closest to their natural state.




      * We believe in the purity of our ingredients, our suppliers and our manufacturing practices. Nothing stated on the Mac's Smack website has been proven by the FDA and our products have never been tested or proven by the FDA, therefore are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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