May 02, 2017


IT'S FINALLY HERE! It took a lot of hard work and long nights, but in the end everything came together so seamlessly. We created something I feel proud and excited to present to our customers. You all have shared such positive words and reviews with us both in person and on our Instagram (@macssmack) so far after seeing the products at local events, and that is the true reason we do what we do. I make the items I love and want to use with the hope that those who purchase them feel the same way. 
mac's smack summer 2017 products
This summer line is all about following love whether that's your love of the beach or the mountains or the love you have for yourself. We want our customers to embrace their natural beauty and use our products to enhance their glow within. Go where the love is. Go with the glow. 
The 2017 summer line will be available for online purchase tonight May 2 at 7 p.m. Check your email for a special deal when you order early online!
Sublime | post sun tonic 
This cool, refreshing mojito inspired scent has a calming effect on sun kissed skin.
Glis-ZEN | shimmering body oil
Sophisticated shimmer, fast absorbing oil for everyday or special occasions that will leave you smelling like a million bucks or orange blossoms. 
Enlighten | luminous skin balm
High shine pearlescent effect with dewy results, never glittery. Hit the high spots and highlight your features.
Tinted lip balms |  those speak for themselves
Peppermint oil offers a slight tingle and plumping effect while offering a subtle pop of color and shine. Three different shades available. 

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