Making A Difference: Midwives For Haiti

June 13, 2017

Making A Difference: Midwives For Haiti

We believe in the spiritual principal that it is important to give rather than to receive. In our efforts to create a happier and healthier community we find balance and peace in our hope of spreading love to others.

One of the ways we've chosen to spread this love is by partnering with organizations like Midwives For Haiti. This non-profit has a special place in my heart as its founder Nadene Brunk CNM was my midwife, and I adore her for the incredible woman she is and the passion with which she serves others. 

Midwives For Haiti and Mac's Smack

Since its earliest beginnings in 2006, Nadene along with a team of medical professionals have trained 124 birth attendants and achieved 94,480 safe pregnancies and births. They operate on the belief that no woman or baby should die during pregnancy or childbirth. This commonplace safety standard and belief for so many was not always an option for women in Haiti where the the chances of dying from childbirth in 2010 were approximately 1 in 28 due to complications such as pregnancy-induced hypertension, eclampsia, sepsis, or postpartum hemorrhage. 

Most of the non-profits and hospitals in Haiti are unable to provide a salary for graduates of Midwives For Haiti, leaving the organization to provide the funds to employ them. Sponsoring a midwife to practice for one year, salary, room and board, medications and supplies costs $3,600. This will enable her to give prenatal care to approximately 120 women per month and deliver 10-20 babies each month. 

As a brand that was inspired by the desire to provide natural and healthy products for my own children, it seems only natural to support an organization like Midwives For Haiti that strives to provide safety and care to Haitian women and their babies too. For more information on this special organization, visit

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