Why Butter Is Better

August 08, 2017

Why Butter Is Better

Moisturizers in the beauty aisle are a dime a dozen, but have you ever wondered which type is actually the best for your body? Of course, your body care is meant to be whatever feels best for you and your skin type, but we're breaking down the difference between lotions and body butters.



Lotions are created with a base of water, which is helpful in helping maintain the moisture that is already in your skin, but it also means that the consistency is thinner. With a thin or sheer application, this may result in the need to coat layers of lotion on to maintain that moisturized feeling. 

Body Butter

Oil and natural butters are the main ingredients in body butter. Notice that there is no water in this formula, so the consistency is thick and whipped like well... butter. The consistency and lack of water also help it last longer on your skin than lotion will. This means fewer applications as the natural oils create a barrier to keep your skin lubricated. 

So the final decision is up to you whether you prefer a sheer moisturizer or a thicker lubricating body butter. If you haven't tried body butter yet, we suggest our Your Best Skin Body Butter and Tranquil Body Butter to nourish skin with natural oils and butters for hours. Tell us what you think- what's your preference? 


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