May 23, 2017


People We Love: Phawn from The Beauty Lane

Chances are if you've seen girls around town with flawless spray tans or beautiful makeup, you know about Phawn Lane from The Beauty Lane. She provides professional, on-location makeup artistry for formal events and custom airbrush spray tanning. And we're lucky enough to call her one of our local business besties. 

Phawn Lane on-location makeup artist from The Beauty Lane and LaCretia Baskfield

Phawn Lane (left) and fellow local makeup artist La'Cretia Baskfield (right) at our reJuicenate event last month. You can read more about the event here.

Phawn says one of the reasons she loves her craft so much is because the learning never stops. "I'm constantly learning from other professional makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, and even a thing or two from clients!"

She's taught us a thing or two too. If you follow her on Instagram (@_thebeautylane_), you may have seen her #MustHaveMonday post featuring our Transcend Elixir. I created this serum primarily to be used on the face to smooth fine lines and restore skin complexion, but since then I've found tons of other great uses for it and so has Phawn. 

This luxurious, lightweight, highly concentrated facial elixir is packed with superior vitamins A, E, C + Beta Carotene, antioxidants and fatty acids to preserve, hydrate and nourish your skin. Naturally increase cell turnover and restore your skins complexion.

"Transcend Elixir is a staple for my kit. As a professional makeup artist, I can testify that makeup can only look as good as the skin underneath. When dealing with dry, neglected, overactive oily or hungover skin, Transcend Elixir is one of holy grail quick fix skin products. It helps to balance the skin's natural oils as well as leave a beautiful natural glow on the skin. It's also multipurpose, as I have used it to thin out creams and liquid foundations, in addition to using it as a lip treatment. It's one of the most asked about products in my kit! It's amazing!"

If that doesn't tell you that this girl knows her stuff, I don't know what does! If you're looking for a makeup artist or airbrush spray tanning in RVA, check out and tell her Mac's Smack sent you! If you're interested in trying out Phawn's tips for yourself, you can pick up the Transcend Elixir here!

May 16, 2017


Your Best Summer Skin

You know we're all about healthy skin here, and chances are if you're reading this, you are too. But as our favorite time of year is approaching, we can't help but admit we're looking forward to lounging on the beach and embarking on outdoor adventures. If your plans are anything like ours and you'll be spending time in the sun this summer, be sure to take the following steps to protect and nourish your skin.

EXFOLIATION: This step is great for all seasons, not just summer, but in the hotter months exfoliating will help rid the body of dead skin cells. This helps keep the skin clear and prepares it to absorb the moisture it needs after the sun's dehydrating rays. Read more about starting an exfoliating routine here or try the Elevate Body Polish made with organic coffee to wake up skin.

Mac's Smack Elevate Body Polish coffee and cinnamon sugar scrub

SPF: Once you've exfoliated and your pores are open, slather on the sun protection. Don't skip out on your face or lips and be sure to apply again after getting out of the water and throughout the day every two hours. 

SKINCARE: Some skincare products with harsh chemicals can compromise skin when exposed to too much sun. Read your labels and make sure your masks or face wash have ingredients that don't put you at risk for sensitivity to sun exposure that may lead to sunburn. Try a gentle face wash like our Clarifying Nectar or Purify Exfoliating Grains

Mac's Smack Purifying Grains Exfoliating face wash and mask

WATER: We all know the benefits of drinking more water and the positive effects it has on our bodies both inside and out, but it is crucial to stay hydrated during the summer months. The body needs water to replenish what is lost from sweat, especially if you're active, and dry skin from sun exposure will thank you for the hydration boost. 

Mac's Smack all natural skin care

We hope you're as excited as we are for longer, warmer days ahead and keep some of these tips in mind when you're outside this summer. If the sun isn't calling your name, you can always add your own golden glow with our Glis-ZEN Shimmering Body Oil or the Enlighten Luminous Skin Balm

*Our products have not been tested or proven by the FDA to prevent, cure, or reverse any disease. 
May 02, 2017



IT'S FINALLY HERE! It took a lot of hard work and long nights, but in the end everything came together so seamlessly. We created something I feel proud and excited to present to our customers. You all have shared such positive words and reviews with us both in person and on our Instagram (@macssmack) so far after seeing the products at local events, and that is the true reason we do what we do. I make the items I love and want to use with the hope that those who purchase them feel the same way. 
mac's smack summer 2017 products
This summer line is all about following love whether that's your love of the beach or the mountains or the love you have for yourself. We want our customers to embrace their natural beauty and use our products to enhance their glow within. Go where the love is. Go with the glow. 
The 2017 summer line will be available for online purchase tonight May 2 at 7 p.m. Check your email for a special deal when you order early online!
Sublime | post sun tonic 
This cool, refreshing mojito inspired scent has a calming effect on sun kissed skin.
Glis-ZEN | shimmering body oil
Sophisticated shimmer, fast absorbing oil for everyday or special occasions that will leave you smelling like a million bucks or orange blossoms. 
Enlighten | luminous skin balm
High shine pearlescent effect with dewy results, never glittery. Hit the high spots and highlight your features.
Tinted lip balms |  those speak for themselves
Peppermint oil offers a slight tingle and plumping effect while offering a subtle pop of color and shine. Three different shades available. 
April 25, 2017


An Afternoon of reJuicenation

Sunday afternoon it was overcast, drizzling, and basically not what I had in mind for our summer launch party. But, hey, you can't control the weather, right? So we met up with North End Juice Co. and created our own sunshine at Cestlabree Studio. 

Our talented photographer, pal, and DJ for the day Bree Davis welcomed us into her space for an afternoon of reJuicenation. And for those of you wondering what it means to "reJuicenate" it's the combination of fresh-pressed juices, natural skincare, and fun photo booth props that leaves you feelin' good. 

Local makeup artists Phawn Lane and LaCretia Baskfield with their reJuicenate goodies

Channing from North End Juice Co. featured five of their signature juices for our guests to try while the team and I showed off our new summer line. We've been testing, creating, and questioning exactly what to present to our customers for summer, and we're pumped to finally have our six new products out in the open. In case you missed it, stay tuned for our online product release on May 2 just in time for Mother's Day!      


Drinking the rainbow with North End Juice Co. (left) Cestlabree Studio had the perfect setup for our products (right) 

Huge shout out and thank you to everyone in our squad who helped make this event happen and to all who attended even in the rain. We're feeling very loved and grateful to be part of such supportive community. You all keep us goin!
Sisters Seo Kelleher and Sarah Choi stopped by to stock up on new products
Teaching Amy from Superfun Yoga Pants how to apply her new product
April 18, 2017


This Little Piggy Went To The Brunch Market

big pig project and the brunch market


As some of you may know, my brother Luke passed away in 2008. During his hospitalization, the Ronald McDonald House served as a support system and home away from home for my family. The charity has remained close to our hearts ever since, which is why I feel particularly excited and grateful to participate in this month's Brunch Market and Big Pig Project. 

That's right, The Brunch Market is goin' big and puttin' on a block party this weekend to raise money for Richmond's Ronald McDonald House. The festival will feature live music, raffles, hand-painted concrete garden pigs for auction, local vendors market, and of course, barbecue. The mission of the Big Pig Project and Ronald McDonald House is to keep children with illnesses connected with their families during treatment because they believe there is strength in numbers and the support of loved ones. 

When Mac's Smack began, I knew I wanted to use it as a vehicle to bring awareness to philanthropies I feel a special connection with. We believe in the spiritual principal that it is important to give rather than to receive. In our efforts to create a happier and healthier community, we find balance and peace in hopes of spreading love to others. I love that this charity event coincided with our passion for community and shopping local, too! 

You won't want to miss this opportunity to shop local, dine local, and support local. I'll be there with the Mac's Smack team sharing our goods and enjoying some bbq! The Big Pig Project, presented by Lunch. | Supper!, takes place on Saturday, April 22 from 12-6 p.m. at 1215 Summit Avenue & W. Marshall Street. We'd love to see you there! 

April 11, 2017


RVA First Fridays and #GIRLPOWER

Welcome back! I’ve talked before about how important girl power and supporting fellow female entrepreneurs is to me and the Mac’s Smack team. Which is why it felt extra special this Friday when we were invited to participate in First Fridays with mod&soul.

Jasmina, the owner of mod&soul, welcomed us into her beautiful boutique with open arms. I loved taking time to catch up with her, hear more about her new arrivals and styles in store, and gush over stories from her recent tropical vacation. Clothes, accessories, and skincare made for a night of girl time during the pop-up, and I’m so grateful to work with fun stockists like her.

mac's smack featured at RVA First Fridays

Local vendors filled the corner of Broad and Monroe across the street at the Markets at Monroe. So basically we were inundated with community and creativity, and I LOVED it! I got the chance to finally meet with the owner of Maven Made and fellow skincare junkie Bethany and bond over our shared love of handcrafting our products. The local love didn’t stop there, though. 

The Love This airstream caught my eye, and I chatted with its owner and fellow mama bear Rupa about her eco-friendly clothing and handmade accessories. It had only been a couple weeks since I last saw Olivia from Mud Love at The Brunch Market, but I always love catching up with her and seeing her new products. Amy from Superfun Yoga Pants was another featured vendor at First Fridays, and you know I couldn’t resist meeting up with her for ice cream at Charm School afterwards to hear about her recent event Less Head, More Heart.

I say it all the time, but supporting other women and their businesses is so important to us at Mac’s Smack. I know I couldn’t do what I do every day without the ladies who continue to lift me up, carry me, love, and support me. I think it can be easier to see competition when others are thriving or creating similar products, but I encourage everyone to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow from one another. Embrace community and embrace some girl power because RVA is full of it.

April 04, 2017


March Favorites- A peek into MCP

Happy April, Smackers... Smack Talkers... what should we call y'all? Shoot us some ideas! 

Anyway, March came and went so quickly it seems, but it brought so many wonderful things, so I wanted to share some of the favorites of the past month with you all today. 

My greatest obsession of the month has been summer. I know, I know it's barely even spring, but I'm jumping ahead and dreaming of tropical summer scents, windows open, and the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the beach. All my beach day dreams have been fueling my creativity for future products. 

I couldn't mention March without mentioning my food favorite of the month. Smoothie bowls from North End Juice Co. have been my kryptonite. Their charming customer service and delicious blends had me coming back not one, not two, but three days in a row. Yeah, they're that good. Getchu some and thank me lata!

This isn't exactly a "March" favorite, but I'm always enamored with women who are fiercely doing their own thing to make our community better. We had the opportunity to learn more about Boketto Wellness this month and check out the local vendors at The Brunch Market. Keep doing your thang girls! 

I took a small break one weekend and booked it to Charlottesville to feel reenergized and inspired by the mountains. As much as I love Hanover and all that Richmond has to offer close by, a change of scenery is always welcome too. While there, I spent time trail running, which is my favorite way to exercise. I feel very grounded and happy on the trails. There's not much to think about except the beauty surrounding me and watching my feet so I don't crash. It keeps me in the moment, which I love. 

That's really the favorite of all I think. I love that my life is wildly spontaneous and unregimented. With three children and a growing business, how could it not be, right? 

I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities, support, and good vibes from March, and the rest of the Mac's Smack team and I are gearing up for an exciting month ahead. Thank you to our customers for your love and support. 


March 28, 2017

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Welcome To Boketto Wellness

Happy Tuesday, friends! Y'all know I'm all about #communityovercompetition and promoting people and brands I truly love and believe in, which is why I'm so excited to talk about Boketto Wellness

I found Boketto Wellness (@bokettowellness) while scrolling through Instagram one day, and I fell in love with their feed and all the natural products they carry. The owner Jelena and I connected at The Brunch Market where I ooohed and ahhhed over her selection of products and was so excited to hear about the grand opening this past Sunday. 

Being the product junkie I am, I was interested in learning about the different brands and items Boketto carried in store. Little did I know, there was so much more hidden behind their dreamy storefront. 

Moon Juice is one of the many supplement brands Boketto Wellness carries

Boketto Wellness is more than just your go-to for all things natural. It is a modern apothecary with holistic services. Jelena and her team have backgrounds in either acupuncture or massage, and they offer nutrition and herb support as well, making them a one stop shop for all things healing and restorative for you mind, body, and soul. 

These ladies truly thought of everything when it came to the creation of their business. They plan to stock the herbs or supplements recommended for patients or customers, and if you need an idea for how to incorporate them into your diet, their checkout wall features an array of cookbooks to tell you just how. You'll also find books on meditation and self-love, you know... the essentials. They even feature an elixir bar to keep you glowing from the inside out! 

samples of Salted Maple Reishi Granola

raw rose petal chocolate made with Sun Potion cacao and Moon Juice Spirit Dust

It's inspiring to see places like this in RVA. I love seeing others embrace a life full of wellness and positivity, and I'm grateful for the ladies at Boketto Wellness for bringing just that to our city. 

If you haven't yet, stop by and visit the space and tell them I sent you! Boketto Wellness is located at 106 N. Vine St. Floor 1, Richmond, VA. 


March 21, 2017

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Spring Skincare Prep

First, a huge thank you from me and the rest of the Mac’s Smack team to all of you who read our first blog post last week! I love being able to connect with the amazing people who follow our brand, and I’m so grateful for every single one of you. Now, grab a body brush and get ready to talk skin care with us!

With yesterday being the first day of spring, I’m ready to start prepping my skin for warmer temperatures. How ‘bout y’all? One of my favorite ways to transition my skin from the dry, cold winter days to sunny seasons is exfoliation, and today we’re covering two easy methods you can try at home.

I’ll confess that I don’t use this first method as often as I should, but when I do I notice such a difference in my skin. Dry body brushing may sound familiar to you or it may sound like a celebrity only treatment found at a spa, but once I learned more about it I was shocked at how easy and effective it is. Using a soft bristle body brush like mine pictured from EcoTools, brush upward using long strokes starting from the tops of your feet all the way to your chest where you’ll want to brush in counter-clockwise circular motions. This technique promotes lymphatic drainage, which releases toxins from the body, and increases vascular blood circulation. Daily dry body brushing rids the body of dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother, brighter, and more absorbent for my usual post-shower body butter. Another great advantage of dry body brushing is the possible diminished appearance of cellulite in some due to distribution and break down of toxins in the body’s fat cells. I try to brush every morning before I shower to prepare and energize my skin for the day.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of dry body brushing, don’t worry I was skeptical at first too, but there is another easy option for you. I formulated the Elevate Body Polish to gently scrub rough, dry skin and reveal smoother, hydrated skin. My decision to create this scrub with a coffee base wasn’t just a nod to my favorite morning drink. The caffeine helps reduce inflammation, and the antioxidants rejuvenate your skin. I love adding this exfoliation routine in about once or twice a week to keep my skin glowing. You can reveal your glow by picking up a jar of the Elevate Body Polish at one of our local stockists or for sale on our website!

How are you embracing spring? We’d love to hear from you!



March 14, 2017


Welcome To Smack Talk Tuesday

Welcome to the first installment of Smack Talk Tuesday! We're so excited to share more of Mac's Smack with y'all through these blog posts, and what better way to kick off our first post than with the story behind the business. 

It all started with a love of lip products and a vision for a more natural way of life. I've always been a sucker for girly products and pretty packaging, but it was the birth of my first son that made me reconsider the quality of the products used in our home and on our bodies. After making this positive lifestyle change for my own family, I was motivated to select clean but powerful ingredients to create socially-conscious products for everyone. We've since expanded from a simple lip balm to cleansing oils and body scrubs, and this is only just the beginning. 

I love that our business is small (for now), but don't let our size fool you. Every creation we release took years of research, trial and error, and serious love. The Mac's Smack team and I are beyond grateful for the beautiful, sometimes challenging journey and every minute of hard work and dedication that helped us create this brand. We hope our products resonate with you and you love them as much as we do! 

Thank you for joining us for our first blog post. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for more Smack Talk!